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What we do

We create amazing responsive websites all based on the Drupal open source content management system.

Front end development is moving fast these days and here at Drop 42 we make a point of keeping up. We use HTML 5 and the latest and greatest CSS framework to give you a lean, accessible and responsive website.
Drupal is our CMS of choice. It’s a popular and robust platform that lets us create a low maintenance website solution tailored specifically to your needs.


Drupal's modular system allows you to start your site simple knowing you can easily build it into a large web application or e-commerce site if needed. A Drupal site will future-proof your business’s presence on the internet.

Custom E-commerce compatible

Commerce Guys have created an amazing set of modules that can give your site robust and fully customisable E-commerce functionality. Like everything Drupal this is completely free.

100% Free

Drupal is an open source product. This means that there are no licensing fees. It also means that the wider community is able to contribute additions and improvements back to Drupal.

Easy updates

Drupal core code is well crafted and designed. However things move fast on the web and Drupal allows for easy updating. To keep up with the ever changing web Drupal is constantly evolving with the core software now nearly up to it’s 8th version.


Take a look below to see what we've done and get an idea of what we can do for you.

Syrp Ltd

One of New Zealand's top camera equipment companies wanted to move their e-commerce site from Wordpress to Drupal so Drop42 helped out.

Loving in Limbo

We love a good story here at Drop42 and you can't get a better story than Loving in Limbo. Together with Popgun films we helped put together a quality website to try and help them get the film funded and get that story out there.

Plumb Engineering

Plumb engineering is a small engineering company in Wellington , New Zealand. They wanted a basic but functional site for a low price so we suggested pre purchasing a design. We then took the purchased front end code and very quickly implemented it into a drupal sites themeing layer.


A e-commerce project with Drop 42 as developer and the client as the designer. We decided to use Drupal 7 and the new 'commerce' modules for the e-commerce.

School of Synthesis

A commerce site with a twist. The client is a small company offering classes in music production. Rather than create an elaborate booking system we were able to leverage the flexibility of Drupal and the commerce module and just use stock levels and the order system.

Luxury Home and Yacht Charters

A website designed by our good friend Harry Luxton and developed by us. A relatively simple build, the client wanted a quality high end site that matched the luxury of the properties they have available for rent.

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